There is no one like your child, as each child’s development is unique and complex. At OFA you can expect a structured environment, which can sometimes be a big transition. We will do everything to encourage your child’s growing talents and abilities this year.

We focus on the social and emotional development of your child by:

  • giving them small responsibilities
  • implementing simple rules and expectations
  • encouraging independence
  • encouraging cooperation with their peers

Learning will be encouraged through small group time, large group time, peer play and independent time throughout the day. Your child’s creativity will be broadened through the use of independent painting, drawing and coloring.

Your child will learn different letters, shapes, and colors each week, as well as counting concepts from 1-30. They will be introduced to the Spanish language as well.

They will be encouraged to:

  • Write their name on all of their paperwork and keep a journal throughout the year that will include any writing, drawing, or creative element your child wishes to include.
  • Use their critical thinking and problem solving skills by being introduced to academic worksheets daily.
  • Use their imagination through role play, art, music, and story telling.

Through the course of the year, each child will be encouraged to identify individual letters and the sound that consonants and vowels make.

Your child will be introduced to mathematical concepts by counting items, measuring items, and adding items together.

Your child will be introduced to simple games that incorporate physical movement and increased physical skill. This will encourage team building with their peers as well. We also have an opportunity for outside play each day.