Infants, Ones, Twos, Threes


1350400320Our infant room is all about play, napping, and lots of snuggling with our teachers. We love to play peek-a-boo, look at picture books, listen to music, and curl up in our teacher’s arms. While we may be the smallest class, our room is filled with lots of love.Our priority is to create an environment where babies feel secure and individually loved. With the young infants, we have plenty of tummy time and rocking time. As they grow, we focus on sitting, recognizing their name and faces around them and utilizing their motor skills by holding toys. We will also invite them to some independent play time. By the time your infant turns one, he/she will be working on holding his/her own bottle or cup, walking without assistance, beginning to self-feed, and waving hello and goodbye.

Each child develops at his own pace, and we desire to encourage and love your child as he grows into a toddler.


In our one-year-old room the children love to play! The best way to learn for this age group is by playing and exploring. We have center time to play inside with all of the different toys. We also have outside time to explore nature and run free! We have teacher-directed activities like art, music and movement, sensory exploration and more. We work on independence by eating with utensils, cleaning up after ourselves, playing listening games and more!
Our room is so much fun and full of learning opportunities.


5929014Our two-year-old room is all about learning through play and the introduction of a more structured learning environment. We are growing up fast and trying to figure out our boundaries. We love to explore the world around us and getting messy is the best way to go about it. Our goal is to make your child feel special and learn to embrace their uniqueness. Learning is centered on intentional play. Each child will begin to recognize the daily routine that includes story time, singing, center play, and manipulatives. By the time your child turns three, he will sing his ABC’s, and be able to count to 10. He will also begin to master his colors and shapes. Your child will be able to wash his hands and change his clothes independently and will be ready to sit for longer periods of time in anticipation of learning.Understanding that each child develops at his own pace, we desire to encourage and love your child as he grows into a “big kid”


1350400265In our class, we will focus on learning primarily through exploration, using all of the senses. We will explore language through books, music, rhymes, and more. We will also begin to discover time by learning the days of the week and the months of the year along with talking about the different seasons. We will play with food, have fun with paint, and learn about God through story and song. As parents, you may begin to notice your child talking about his friends more and desiring to play more with others. We will encourage friendship as well as work with your child on proper ways to handle conflict. Your child will learn to be a good “citizen” by engaging in activities centered on:
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Character
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance

As your child is growing up and learning about self-sufficiency, we still understand their need for familiarity and security. It is for this that we allow plenty of opportunity for independent play while still engaging with your child on a one on one level. We hope to build a confidence in your child that he/she is unique and special and most of all, very loved.